Temporary Fence Rentals in Bonnyville

Temporary Fence Rentals in Bonnyville

Looking for a secure temporary fence to protect your construction zone, job-site, or special event grounds? Quest Disposal provides clients in the Bonnyville area with 3 convenient sizes for setting up a secure perimeter around whichever area you intend to protect:

  • 4x10 panel sizes
  • 6x10 panel sizes
  • 8x10 panel sizes

This design flexibility allows Quest Disposal clients to create an enclosure that is customized to their exact needs.

Here are just some of the ways secure temporary fencing can help your Bonnyville business:

Promotes safety: the last thing you want is an innocent bystander to be exposed to unnecessary risk when passing your job site or construction zone. Not only would you feel terrible if something happened to them, but they may also decide to pursue legal action against you in the near future.

Prevents vandalism: all it takes is one person with a can of spray paint and a grudge to cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your job site. Quest's temporary fencing solutions help to prevent these unfortunate situations by providing a protective barrier for your job site or event area.

Reduces the risk of theft: millions of dollars of equipment are stolen from job sites every year. Couple this statistic with just a 25% average recovery rate and you can begin to see a major problem developing. You can't be on guard 24/7/365. Temporary fences can help protect your job site against theft even when you're not there.

Whether you're trying to keep unwanted guests out, or valuable equipment in, Quest's temporary fence installation team will make quick work of the set-up process. Their sturdy fences provide a defined perimeter for your site at a competitive price.

Quest Disposal is your number one provider of temporary fence rentals in the Bonnyville area. Contact them today to learn more about how you can get yours!