Health & Safety Certifications

Safety First

Consideration for the safety of our employees, clients, contractors and the environment.

Quest Disposal & Recycling Inc runs under a Site Based Management Plan (SBMP) for the day-to-day management of operations. Each of the functional areas of management are responsible for integrating safety requirements into their daily operations/work procedures to ensure systematic supervision and ensure our staff is operating in a safe and secure environment.

At Quest Disposal & Recycling Inc, our most important consideration is the safety of our employees, clients, contractors and the environment. We are committed to continually improving and refining our operations and processes to minimize their impact on health and safety and this is reflected in our Health and Safety Policies.


We undertake several measures to ensure that this safety is guaranteed at all times

We are current members of Isnetworld, and we have a current SECORE safety certificate that was obtained by developing an extensive Health & Safety manual of procedures and policies. These policies and procedures include the following:

  • Hazard identification and assessment
  • Hazard controls
  • Ongoing inspections
  • Proper training and orientation
  • Worksite emergency response training
  • A zero drug and alcohol use policy

All employees have current safety tickets including:

  • First aid
  • TDG
  • H2S Alive

Our Focus

We work closely with our community and customers

We work closely with our community and customers to help reduce and manage waste from pickup to disposal, while utilizing valuable resources and generating cutting edge, safe, renewable energy.

Our professional technicians are highly skilled and are continually being trained and educated on the latest updates in the fast-changing waste disposal and recycling industry. Having the latest equipment, technology, and education is going to help keep Quest Dumpsters and Recycled Inc at the top.

Our focus is to deliver the best possible personal experience for our customers. Something we, at Quest, make priority one.

Without our clients' loyalty and trust, we wouldn't have the successful waste disposal and recycled management business that we do! We will give you the information you need to make the best waste management decisions for you, for business or personal use. Safe, fast and effective, is what we are all about. Given the opportunity, we will prove our professional services deserve your trust.


Client satisfaction is priority one

The deep diversity of knowledge our technicians have acquired over the years, is going to give you the confidence essential in any long-term business relationship.

At Quest, we work hard to create and maintain strong relationships with our satisfied clients. We continue to strengthen our ties within the waste disposal industry by:

  • Ensuring open communication lines with our customers that's both personal and professional
  • Going beyond the call of duty to satisfy our customers
  • Exploring new avenues within the industry to provide the best up-to-date service possible
  • Taking innovative approaches within the professional waste disposal industry that allows us to stay one step ahead of the competition
  • Nurturing a close working relationship with our customers so we can deliver every time
  • Encouraging feedback so we can continue to offer the tools, education, and information essential for a strong working relationship

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Photo Gallery

Quest maintains a large fleet comprised of roll off trucks, vac trucks, bins, portable toilets, and fencing. We take pride in the maintenance and cleanliness of our equipment, as seen here in our photo gallery:

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bin rentals
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bin rentals
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bin rentals
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Rental pricing:

  • Bin rentals
  • Portable toilets
  • Temporary fence

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